Visiting Amazing Dubai Musical

We have already December, the time is running like crazy, in a couple of weeks, we will celebrate our first year of living in Dubai. Last year at this time ….. it would never come through my head to celebrate my next Christmas in Dubai. Here we are ….. more than happy to be part of the amazing city name Dubai!

When we heard that Dubai hosting a musical about the history of Dubai with magical name Amazing Dubai, we couldn’t wait to see it.

Three ladies dressed in royal blue made the city unsafe! The musical was great! We sang, danced and cried. They played the national anthem which was very emotional, we simply enjoyed every minute. We recommend this musical very much. If you live or visiting Dubai, don’t miss the chance to learn something about this amazing culture and country full of opportunities and magic.

See you soon! Yours Two and half women!

Living in the castle, would you?

Most of us living in modern architecture buildings, some are little older or extremely hip.  Howerver, it is not everyday that you get the chance to see grandiose medieval building that reflect the culture and vibration of the ages they’ve been passing by. Well I had this chance couple of days ago, when I visited my good friend, she is not a princess, she is simply lucky enough to live hier with her family, this castle have been perfectly looked after over centuries and have been passed on from generation to generation. I love this beautiful place, which I would definitively swop for my apartment in second.

In old days castles were a symbol of power and wealth. Nowadays, they have become a symbol of living a fairytale. Besides ist undeniable beauty, once you enter a castle you get the feeling being a part of a magical fairy tale, where kings being crowned and murdered. Castles hide secrets and they also inspires you to feel like a Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.

The castle of my friend has all this and even more, is maybe not that big as you may think but it stays for a remarkable example of elegance and luxury, furnished with the most exquisite pieces of furniture, all custom-made by the best cabinet-makers of the 18th century. The never-ending garden with beautiful expanses of plants and trees with varieties of beautiful colorful blooms makes this place absolutely outstanding.

Me, Èstelle and our dog Ortega were grateful to be here, at least for couple of hours I felt like a princess. I’ve seen many castles till now and I even slept in Castle hotel, but never visited such private place like castle of my friend.

Here some pictures of our outfits.

Me and Èstelle wear dress from Henrieta Duffner and partner look T-shirts from Lolahola.

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