Anantara Hotel Resort Dubai

Another beautiful location we visited this week. An extraordinary hotel owlets better say resort named Anantara.

Imagine a unique  luxurious Thai-style hotel with lagoon-style swimming pools which located on the eastern side of the Palm Jumeirah Island at Dubai Harbor. Enchanting beach side accommodation with over seas Villas as you know from Maldives, complemented by cuisine from Asia as well as the Mediterranean served at seven speciality venues, 3 Turquoise swimming lagoons, tennis courts and gyms, last but not least Anantara Spa needs to be also mentioned.

This magic place offer an urban escape unlike any other here in Dubai. You feel like in Maldives where one can savour moments of bliss surrounded in unimaginable magnificence, with view to Dubai coastline or Atlantis Hotel.

If you travel to Dubai and looking for a special place to stay, this will be definitively something  for you, an asian feeling in an Arabian setting.

Yours Two and half women.




Trip to the desert of United Arab Emirates

As we already live couple of month in Dubai, it was a time to visit the desert. It is not very difficult and not very far, wherever you look, desert is everywhere, but for the real feeling of empty quiet desert place, you will have to drive a while.

But don’t worry, its worth it, looking out of the window as already worth every second. The very new and well maintained roads are surrounded by sand dunes, which are sometimes gold sometimes red shaded, simply beautiful nature where you will meet camels and herd of desert goats walking calm in peaceful golden desert.

We have been on private camel farm and met very friendly and very helpful people.  It was a wonderful experience and I am looking so much to the next desert trip with overnight and grill party.

We will definitively report you about it.

Your two and half women.


Konstanz short trip 31. Mai 2016

We love Konstanz, not only because you can shop much cheaper here, many swiss people come here for this reason, we simply like its atmosphere with historical influence. We have been in Konstanz many times, this time we had a special reason, Marcus has a very good dentist here, and it was a time to visit him for check up.

Konstanz is a university city with approximately 80,000 inhabitants located at the western end of Lake Bodensee in the south-west corner of Germany, bordering Switzerland.

Constance is a town of great historical relevance. For the most part it wasn’t affected by the wars of the last century and was to be of historical significance throughout a certain period of time. From the 6th century until the year 1827, Constance was the bishop’s see of the largest German diocese. Located at the intersection of main routes of commerce between Italy, France and Eastern Europe, the city became an important emporium for the trade with fur, linen and spices from the 10th to the 14th century. In the 15th century, a four-year long council took place in Constance that attracted 72.000 visitors, among them 3000 prostitutes. A walk through town is an encounter with many traces of past centuries of prosperity.

I used to learn at school about Master Jan Hus  (born 1372 – 6 July 1415 ),  a Czech priest, philosopher, early Christian reformer and Master at Charles University in Prague. Hus is considered as the first Church reformer, as he lived before Martin Luther, Calvin and Zwingli. Hus was a key predecessor to Protestantism, and his teachings had a strong influence on the states of Western Europe, most immediately in the approval of a reformist Bohemian religious denomination, and, more than a century later, on Martin Luther himself. He was burned at the stake for heresy against the doctrines of the Catholic Church, and that here in Konstanz. We czechs are proud of Master Jan Hus and until today we celebrate his execution in 1415 every year on 6th of July with a bank holiday. For us czechs is Jan Hus important part of our history. A century later after his execution, as many as 90% of inhabitants of the Czech lands were non-Catholic and some still followed the teachings of Hus and his successors. Amazing!

OK enough of the past, what about shopping! The city of Constance has become shopper’s heaven. Citizens and guests can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of old town that doesn’t stand still. Neighboring Switzerland and the mutual fascination is definitely of importance to the aspiring economic and commercial centre. The shopping mall Lago has made a great contribution to the city’s reputation beyond its frontiers. In the meantime the initial worry that retail business in Constance will suffer because of the implantation of one major mall has disappeared. In the contrary: gastronomy, shops and all other businesses have profited from the numbers of shoppers who come to shop at Lago Mall, and who continue to stroll through town to discover lovely little shops and fantastic restaurants. Quality of life also means to have a liberty of choice and honestly there is a great variety of everything.

So pack your bags and come to visit Konstanz, take your boat, Bodensee is huge, take your money, there is lots to buy, and take your glasses, there is much to see!

Are the Swiss the happiest people in the world?

This question many of you like to ask someone living in the Switzerland. We are living here over 9 years, and I have to genuinely say….Yes I am happier and I am thankful for every day being here.

Switzerland is regularly rated as one of the countries offering the best quality of life in the world. It is very clean and safe and runs like swiss clock (almost). Switzerland is located at the centre of Europe, you can easily travel to Germany, Italy or France within couple of hours. It offers a wealth of opportunities to enjoy life amongst its breathtakingly beautiful mountains and lakes.

We are living in Kanton Zug. The political stability and high living standards have made Zug, one of Switzerland’s smallest cantons, a hard-to- beat place to live and work. OK, OK, it’s not London or NY, the population is about 30.000, but imagine that Zug has inhabitants from 128 nations. That’s amazing! As you see Zug is very international so you can get away with not speaking German.

If you like swimming, hiking, skiing, driving boat, diving, climbing, cycling, stand up paddle, paragliding and many more….believe or not, you will find it here on this very little spot.

 The Shopping, hmmmm… honestly not mine in Kanton Zug, lets say it this way, this place has lovely little shops, but nothing I would get crazy about. But that’s OK, we have just 2 1/2 hours to Milano or Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich (20 min.) will also do.

Zug’s main shopping area is located in the heart of the city,  and is designed to provide pedestrians with comfortable shopping. Never mind where you start from, you will easily find your way back. In the Metalli Center, situated besides the railway station and the Baarerstrasse, you will find a great variety of shops and restaurants. Strolling through the old town (“Altstadt”) from the main railway station to the Casino along the lake, you will find, elegant boutiques, many jewelers, banks, lovely confectioners and many sidewalk cafés with outdoor terraces and beautiful mountain and lakeside view. This historic part of Zug is traffic free, a real paradise for pedestrians and dog walker.

We are on the bike every day in summer, it is lovely to drive among the stunning lakeside and well-tended farms with cows and sheeps on the fields, still not far away from modern civilization.

Come and see Zug, it is well worth the visit, you will see traditional and modern Switzerland at its best.

Have a look at the amazing video, which inspired me to write this article! The granny would be definitely fitting in our family! 





Schlechtes Wetter? Egal!

Gestern war nicht gerade besonderes Wetter, wie bereits seit Wochen, ist abwechselnd bewölkt mit starken Regen, dazu ein (ganz) wenig Sonne. Hmmm….was macht Mann am solchen Tagen? Wir haben es trotz dem Regen geschafft schön und lustig zu machen.

Erst lange Spaziergang mit Hund Ortega im unsere wunderschönen Park.  Dann Fahrradtour – Golfplatz zum spät Mittagessen. Da war wir für nächste Stunden gefangen wegen starken Regen, zum Glück hatten wir sehr unterhaltsame Begleitung, unsere kleine Èstelle. Die hat sich viele Kinder Überraschungseier besorgt und hat damit alle Restaurantgäste amüsiert.

Zuhause war wir erst um 19 Uhr, wollig erschöpft und auch ein wenig nass. Es war so ein schönen Tag!

Ein kleines Tipp : Wenn sie interessante Spaziergänge mit Kinder mögen, in Cham befindet sich ein kleines Zwerg Paradies, es ist direkt hinter Villette Park, entlang Zuggleisen Richtung Rotkreuz. Unsere kleine Estelle ist immer wieder entzückt von der Vielfalt, hier finden Sie Zwergen, Elefanten, Hühner und viel mehr…..

Another sunny day in Villette, Hirsgarden

Today was a bank holiday in Switzerland, we celebrate Corpus Christi in Kanton Zug. We are atheists but we are happy to celebrate this day as another sunny day in May.

We enjoying to be back in Switzerland after some time traveling.

To be honest with you all, I am always amazed by the beauty of this country. We have the most beautiful lake and mountain views. Switzerland is simply stunning! We recommend everyone to visit this country, there are many places to see and some of you may learn something new. For example how to keep your environment clean.

We are having holidays every day. I am happy to be here!




Trip to Follonica, Toscana, Italy

This week we decided to visit a wonderful city Follonica. Me and my mum, we were very excited about this trip. Already many years ago my  grandmother stayed here for holiday with my uncle. She loved this place, she said that she felt like back in France, where she was born. So in memory of her we could not skip this place.

Follonica is very beautiful historic city, but also an amazing place to shop. My very favorit shop is near by the beach, I visited this boutique every day and I always discovered a new beautiful pieces. This shop is in normal price range, amazing dresses around 130 €, lovely summer shoes from 30 € to 50 €. So you can imagine how I got crazy about all the summer inspired fashion.

Here some info about Follonica, Toscana in Italy:

From Switzerland – Zürich it is around 660km. We drove by car, we spend 3 Weeks in Toscana and had our dog Ortega, he is too old to travel by plane.

Follonica is a town of province of Grosseto in the Italian region of Tuscany, on the Gulf of Follonica (Golfo di Follonica), about 40 kilometers northwest of the city of Grosseto.

Follonica is a tourist site during the summer, mostly visited by the Italians themselves. The city has been awarded every year from 2000 to 2007 for the cleanliness of its beaches and seawater. I have to say, the beaches are beautiful with perfect sand.

The average Temperature from April to October from 20°C to 27°C. We visited Follonica end of April – beginning Mai and we had everyday sunny and around 22°C – 25°C.

We enjoyed our trip and are pleased to visit a place which my grandmother so liked.

Valentinstag! Ohne mich…!!!

Valentinstag  ist morgen wieder da……Was planen Sie?

Liebe Freunde, unsere Valentinstag war perfekt geplant. Eine romantische Reise mit Marcus und unsere kleine Èstelle nach Geneva in 5 Sterne Hotel mit allem Pipapo.

Na wie es immer wieder in unsere verrückte Familie passiert, Marcus musste geschäftlich nach Dubai, damit ist unsere romantische Reise, schnell wie ich schauen könnte abgeblasen.

Da ich noch ein paar andere Ideen hatte, haben wir, ich und Mama, Wochenende in St`Moritz geplant. Unsere Freunde sind da, so warum nicht, alle 3 Mädels wieder bisschen Schnee geniessen. Wir haben uns zwei Paar neue Super Moon Boots gekauft, so Huraaaa St`Moritz wartet auf uns.

Hmmmm…. schwer zu glauben, aber auch diese Reise ist geplatzt, bereits seid Mittwoch ist Mama krank und leider bin ich nicht verschönt geblieben und liege auch im Bett. Nur unsere kleine Estelle ist fit wie ein Turnschuhe, das hilft aber nicht, die kann leider nicht alleine Reisen.

So alle 2 und half Women werden am Valentinstag zuhause hocken mit Tasse Tee und denken an euch alle die auch vielleicht alleine oder Single seid.

Wir  wünschen euch alles gute und liebe Damen, vergessen sie nie, dass:

”  Ein Mann sollte deinen Lippenstift verschmieren, nicht deinen Mascara.”

Hier paar Lustige shopping Ideen für nächste Valentinstag. Alles in Dawanda shop erhältlich, jede Bild hat direkte Link zum Shop. Viel Spass ;-).

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-13 um 01.37.15

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-13 um 01.38.21

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-13 um 01.59.59

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-13 um 01.57.03

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-13 um 01.45.49.png


Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-13 um 01.39.48



Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-13 um 01.48.35


Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-13 um 01.28.39


Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-13 um 01.49.49


Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-13 um 01.53.52.png


Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-13 um 01.52.30




Sunday is a sport day!

Hallo dear parents! This rainy Sunday was wet but extremely nice! We visited sport event near by our home. It was unbelievable fun. Me and Marcus joined our little lady to her first sport Sunday. We both were amazed how our 20 month old girl is able to compete with other much older kids.

For those parents which are interested do join similar event with kids from age 0-6, please visit:

Here some impressions.