Cooking with little Èstelle

Todays plan was actually to visit a very nice castle. But somehow we didn’t felt like to do so, I guess we were still exhausted from last days traveling.

So we decided to stay at home and bake some cookies for friends, it its very easy recipe, our little Èstelle did the most of it, so if you like some easy peasy hand made cookie.

Here the recipe.

  • 300gr flour
  • 250gr butter
  • 3 pieces cheese ( triangle happy cow )

….make a dough from this all 3 ingredients.

Create desired shape of your cookies. We made a flat bowls with a hole to fill the cookies with quark. And last but not least to make it sweeter … strew on the top little bit of crumble mixture ( sugar and butter and flour ).

Yours two and half women.



Estelle erste Ernte!

Und hier möchten wir ihnen vorstellen unsere erste Ernte 2016!

Huraaaa unsere Projekt Urban Farming geht voran! OK es ist nicht besonderes nur ein Strauch von Roten Johannisbeeren, aber wir sind sehr stolz.

Estelle hat sehr grosse mühe immer wieder vorbei zu laufen und nicht auprobieren, jetzt kann sie es alles essen!

Aber ehrlich zu sein, mehr spass macht es sie zu pflücken als zu essen, mindestens für unsere Estelle.

So guten Appetit Prinzessin.


Shopping & Lunch in Zug

Today is a shopping time! We have a lunch with couple of friends, so we decided to do some SALE shopping before our lunch. Estelle was not very excited as you can see, already before we entered ZARA, she was complaining and did not wanted to go in, but we managed to change her mind and had really fun.

Afterwards we went to CHACHA restaurant in Zug, where ist POSITIVE EATING served. Visit the website: CHAHA Restaurant ZUG