About us

Dear readers,

We are curious 3 ladies, little Estelle, mother Henrieta & grandmother Anna.

We are interested in everything happening around us, the everyday surprises which may not be even interesting and exciting for anyone of you. This blog is definitively not about finding new worlds, not about impressing anyone of you with our life, you will not find any statement about our politics or ecology  views, human rights, animal rights and other issues that burden our world, we have them, don’t worry and we believe this themes are much more interesting and very much important to talk about, but you will not find them here. This blog is dedicated to our little princess Estelle. She is the one who inspires us everyday. We want to catch our life and happy moments in picture and word, we want to present her in the future, what we did and how we lived, we do not want to load her with problems of this world. We want to catch the happy moments, to show her in the future, that we lived our best. We are very lucky to spend so much time together, by side our husbands, family and friends. We are partly living in Switzerland and United Arab Emirates. Enjoying simple but beautiful life near by lake Zug and breathtaking mountain view of Alps, which you can never get enough. But also in very exciting and always surprisingly stunning city Dubai.

So if you like, stay with us, we will be honored to share our memories with you!

This blog is dedicated to our family and friends, to our big love Estelle and our dog Ortega. We love you all and we are happy to have you.

Two and half women.

letter to daughter from mother

Found on Pinterest, Ouelle: http://soreonline.com

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