Castle Hněvín and Jezeří, Czech Republic

Today is Saturday, weather is not very pleasant, we swinging in thoughts of what to do today, despite the weather we decided to visit some historical place near by, to show something different to our little Estelle. And you would not believe it, but we managed two castles in one day!  Here they are! We very very much surprised what we found. Here some food for your thoughts ….

Castle Hněvín in Most, Czech Republic 

Hněvín Castle was named after the hill it was built upon. Archaeological investigations have uncovered the remains of a castle that was there in the 9th century, but a stone castle was probably built by the Hrabišics, the owners of Most, while Václav I granted Most royal city status in the 12th century, with the castle becoming the seat of the district administrator. The castle Hněvín went through many difficult days being occupied, destroyed and sold, but the most interesting and surprising for us was the information that the Germans presented in Most a scaled copy of the Eiffel Tower, the famous symbol of the Paris World Exhibition held in the same year. The city decided to purchase a wooden, twenty-five-foot-high tower and use it for panoramic view from the Castle Hill. The new Hněvín dominance was handed over to the public on Sunday, October 13, 1889. The opening ceremony was preceded by the night lighting of the tower. The residents of the city did not enjoy it for a long time. A year later, a strong wind destroyed entire tower.

After 1989, city Most Hněvín acquired the restitution as historical property and in 2000-2001 carried out a costly reconstruction of the whole area. Roofs were repaired, new utility towers were built, a new pavement was laid in the courtyard, and the outside lighting of the castle was installed.  The castle serves as a hotel and restaurant, you can also have a wonderful wedding here as you can see in our video.

Castle Jezeří in Jiretín, Czech republic

Same as Castle Hněvín, Jezeří went trughout difficult times but there is something you surely don’t  know.

At the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century there was a huge construction and cultural development of the castle. Since 1802, the Castle Theater has been in operation, the famous Eisenberg Choir performed here. Concerts in the chateau park were visited by many prominent personalities; like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or Ludwig van Beethoven, he was a close friend of František Maxmilián Lobkowicz (1772-1816), the owner of the chateau at the beginning of the nineteenth century.  Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 Eroica had a private premiere at the Castle Theater as well as Haydn’s oratoryo of the Creation of the World.

This list of prominent artists who visited Jezeří doesn’t ends. Among others, Christophe Willibald Gluck or the Vranic brothers can be mentioned. During World War II, Lobkovice’s property was confiscated and a branch of the Flossenbürg concentration camp was set up in this castle, here was also captured Charles de Gaulle’s brother as a prisoner of war.

We learned a lot and Estelle had a great time running around and asking thousands of questions. It was another exciting day.


Yours  Two and half women.



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