Are the Swiss the happiest people in the world?

This question many of you like to ask someone living in the Switzerland. We are living here over 9 years, and I have to genuinely say….Yes I am happier and I am thankful for every day being here.

Switzerland is regularly rated as one of the countries offering the best quality of life in the world. It is very clean and safe and runs like swiss clock (almost). Switzerland is located at the centre of Europe, you can easily travel to Germany, Italy or France within couple of hours. It offers a wealth of opportunities to enjoy life amongst its breathtakingly beautiful mountains and lakes.

We are living in Kanton Zug. The political stability and high living standards have made Zug, one of Switzerland’s smallest cantons, a hard-to- beat place to live and work. OK, OK, it’s not London or NY, the population is about 30.000, but imagine that Zug has inhabitants from 128 nations. That’s amazing! As you see Zug is very international so you can get away with not speaking German.

If you like swimming, hiking, skiing, driving boat, diving, climbing, cycling, stand up paddle, paragliding and many more….believe or not, you will find it here on this very little spot.

 The Shopping, hmmmm… honestly not mine in Kanton Zug, lets say it this way, this place has lovely little shops, but nothing I would get crazy about. But that’s OK, we have just 2 1/2 hours to Milano or Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich (20 min.) will also do.

Zug’s main shopping area is located in the heart of the city,  and is designed to provide pedestrians with comfortable shopping. Never mind where you start from, you will easily find your way back. In the Metalli Center, situated besides the railway station and the Baarerstrasse, you will find a great variety of shops and restaurants. Strolling through the old town (“Altstadt”) from the main railway station to the Casino along the lake, you will find, elegant boutiques, many jewelers, banks, lovely confectioners and many sidewalk cafés with outdoor terraces and beautiful mountain and lakeside view. This historic part of Zug is traffic free, a real paradise for pedestrians and dog walker.

We are on the bike every day in summer, it is lovely to drive among the stunning lakeside and well-tended farms with cows and sheeps on the fields, still not far away from modern civilization.

Come and see Zug, it is well worth the visit, you will see traditional and modern Switzerland at its best.

Have a look at the amazing video, which inspired me to write this article! The granny would be definitely fitting in our family! 





2 thoughts on “Are the Swiss the happiest people in the world?

  1. Sounds lovely! Eines Tages.. I was in Interlaken, but haven’t spent much time in Switzerland. I’ve been in Germany and Austria more for exchange programs when I was in school.


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